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#FridayFact – The Dung Beetle

It shouldn't come as a surprise that dung beetles do indeed feed on faeces. This makes them one of the natural world's greatest recyclers, removing waste, destroying parasites and pests, and returning nutrients to the soil. Here are a few amazing facts about these robust fascinating critters. There are three main types of dung beetles:… Continue reading #FridayFact – The Dung Beetle

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Second Instalment of #FridayFact

Introducing a rather shaggy looking antelope - The Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) As the name suggests these beasts have a strong association with water, but they're not  truly aquatic or as at home in water as the Sitatunga or Lechwe. The long grasses of the water, however, are perfect for them to escape and hide from… Continue reading Second Instalment of #FridayFact

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A New Weekly #Scicomm Feature – #FridayFact

I know how scientists love their facts and I want to spread that factual-love to the rest of you. So every Friday I'll be writing a small blog of any animal in the animal kingdom from mammals to reptiles and insects to fish. For my first #FridayFact feature, I'll introduce you to the Red-billed Oxpecker… Continue reading A New Weekly #Scicomm Feature – #FridayFact

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Akagera – A Conservation Success Story

Rwanda.... an African country whose communities and wildlife have suffered from grievous civil war and unrest has an incredible success story to tell, the one of Akagera National Park. East Rwanda has been a tourism hot ticket for many years. In its heyday Akagera, opened in 1934 as Rwanda's first national park, was teeming with… Continue reading Akagera – A Conservation Success Story

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The Sneezing Dogs

Think of your pets at home, how do they communicate with you or other animals? Just like us, animals talk to each other. Whether it be through a bark, a growl, sonar, rumbling or roaring. The ability of animals to communicate effectively with other individuals plays a critical role in their lives, whether they live… Continue reading The Sneezing Dogs

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Discovering Malaysia – From Penang to Kuala Lumpur

The next stop on your Malaysian discovery tour was George Town in Penang. Penang is on the North West coast of the Peninsular Malaysia. This place is the hub of one of Malaysia’s most diverse, cosmopolitan and exciting cultures. It culminates in George Town, Penang Island's main city, where we stayed for 4 nights. Its an urban… Continue reading Discovering Malaysia – From Penang to Kuala Lumpur

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Discovering Malaysia – The Island of Turtles

Upon my return from discovering only some of what Malaysia has to offer, I wanted to share with you what I experienced, the places I visited and give you some travel recommendations for this beautiful unique country. First stop, Island Life. After over 24 hours of travelling we eventually arrived in Kota Bharu, a small city… Continue reading Discovering Malaysia – The Island of Turtles