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Who is doing all the typing?

Hi! I’m Lorna, ‘The New Blogologist’


So I have to confess I don’t have much experience writing blogs so I am a bit unsure on how to start. As a pretty good safety net I thought I would tell you who ‘The New Blogologist’ is and I hope to keep you all entertained and interested in the subjects I decide to talk about.

You could say I am ‘qualified’ to talk to you about all things ‘Nature’ & ‘Wildlife’. I have a Masters degree in Ecology & Conservation, and a Bachelors in Animal Science. Yes Animal Science, it sounds rather odd and it wasn’t my first choice, that was Veterinary… but I think a lot of little girls who like animals have been there too. It was a very broad course and I am actually very thankful I had the option to do it, as it led me down a path I didn’t even realise was there. Conservation. Even though I have these qualifications behind me, I am a strong believer that academia does not solely certify a person in a subject area, especially in the world of wildlife conservation. Getting out into the field and experiencing the natural world around you, whether that be in the wilderness of the African Savannah, the depths of the oceans or the chaos of the Amazon Rainforest, opens up a whole new way of looking at our planet. Those practical and life experiences cannot be beaten or replaced. I have definitely had my fair share of them.


My first solo trip abroad was way back in 2012 to Zimbabwe where I volunteered at Antelope Park, doing all sorts of tasks from cleaning lion enclosures to cutting up their food, going on walks with elephants and even my first time horse riding and going on horse safari. Zimbabwe was and still is a stunning country, it may sound cliche but Africa stole my heart in just those 3 weeks. I know I didn’t experience the African wilderness but I still felt so close to nature, viewing game like wildebeest, impala, zebra and giraffe, bird watching across Ngamo Dam, and even experiencing my first fiery African sunset.

IMG_4656Since then, I  have made my way to Africa alone 3 more times, travelling to Zimbabwe (for 6 months this time), Botswana and Zambia. I have spent time in very different places and communities, working in wildlife monitoring in the Okavango Delta with Wildlife ACT (with my first sighting of leopard, cheetah & wild dog), lion research and animal management in Zimbabwe with ALERT, and even helping with elephant research in Zambia. Though I have not covered the entirety of these countries I have definitely tried my best to explore the beauty and the beasts they have to offer.


I am going to country I have never been to before in August, Malaysia. I know it has some picturesque places to visit. For the first few days we are setting out to the Perhentian Islands off the east coast to help with turtle conservation efforts, so keep your eyes open for updates on my travels and lots of turtles pictures… hopefully 😀


Though my main passion has been and always will be African wildlife, I want this blog to cover conservation challenges and techniques, new research and inspirational work and stories from the oceans, the tropics, the cities, the jungles and of course the savannah.




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