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Malaysia bound – What to Expect

As I prepare for my first ever venture to Malaysia starting next week, I wanted to tell you what I'll be doing, where I'll be going and what you might be seeing from me (if I get good wifi 😉 ) My first 5 days will be spent in the Perhentian Islands, just off the… Continue reading Malaysia bound – What to Expect

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The Effect Of An Individual – By Torie Hilley

“Holy crap!” is what most people are thinking these days with all the current environmental news. Either forests are burning down because of the demand for palm oil, or crazy weather is occurring more often because of climate change. But how do we, let alone one person, make a difference in this big world that… Continue reading The Effect Of An Individual – By Torie Hilley

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Getting close to nature in the most unexpected places

When you think of the word 'City', what image comes to mind? High rise buildings? Bustling streets? Rushing commuters? Wildlife....? Not so much. Half the world's population now live in cities, entirely shaped and created by humans consequently separating them from the natural world. Currently, urban areas cover around 2% of the planet’s land area,… Continue reading Getting close to nature in the most unexpected places

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Who is doing all the typing?

Hi! I'm Lorna, 'The New Blogologist' So I have to confess I don't have much experience writing blogs so I am a bit unsure on how to start. As a pretty good safety net I thought I would tell you who ‘The New Blogologist’ is and I hope to keep you all entertained and interested… Continue reading Who is doing all the typing?